This page will show you the list of Ranks awarded to members of Allschool Forum. The more you create a topic and comment on a topic, the higher rank you get.

Table showing Rankings of Members in Allschool Forum

Rating LevelMin Number of PostsMember Title
Level 00New Member
Level 15Active Member
Level 220Eminent Member
Level 350Trusted Member
Level 4100Estimable Member
Level 5250Reputable Member
Level 6500Honorable Member
Level 7750Prominent Member
Level 81000Noble Member
Level 92500Famed Member
Level 105000Illustrious Member

KEY: Post refers to a members total number of topics and replies.

The image below shows all the available rating level, short badge, full badge, and rating color a member of Allschool Forum can have.

The more you post the higher rank you get!

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