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Young man finishes university with perfect scores, photo of his results from part 1 wows many people

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 A young man has got social media users talking with the transcript showing all his results in the university

Upon graduation, the brilliant man posted about it on Twitter as he attached three photos

Tweeps asked how come he found schooling so easy and breezed through even difficult courses like chemistry

A young man with the handle @asapmari_ has taken to Twitter to celebrate his graduation from Howard University in America.

On Friday, May 7, the man shared his graduation pictures and a snap of all his results since part one, showing that he maintained a brilliant streak throughout his university days.

Many people congratulated him as they wondered how the young man was able to sustain good grades across the board in different courses.

There were tweeps who said that passing genetic and organic chemistry is no small feat.

See his Twitter post below:

As at the time of writing this report, his tweet has over 73,000 likes with thousands of comments on the bird app. compiled some of the reactions below:

@lhatemakenzie said:

"That genetics and organic chemistry is no joke that sh*t is so hard. Congratulations."
@minaXminaX said:

"This transcript is unreal, I took almost the same classes and barely survived."
@jaeeliamuse asked:

" college didn’t stress you out, not one bit? not even a little?"

@patrice_b2789 said:

"There are some courses I see that have triggered me."
@Moscato1V said:

"I feel proud when I see a black person who is excelling in his studies. We have excellent people in all parts of the world. I feel very happy and I hope that you achieve your great dreams and be of great importance."

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@nashemaraj said:

"This transcript is gorgeous good job king!"

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