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Young lady who maintained 7.0 CGPA throughout in UI gains Standford scholarship

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A young Nigerian lady, Ofure Ebhomielen, once broke a big record at the University of Ibadan (UI) as the first female student to maintain a 7.0 CGPA throughout her course of study in the institution.

In an interview with Legit TV, Ofure revealed that she was the fourth person generally to have such a feat. After her big achievement, Ofure got a scholarship to Standford University for her masters.

While a student in UI, Ofure said many knew her in 200 level and she started helping to make people better at their studies.

The smart lady recalled how she had a challenge in 300 level with mathematics. She said that a friend, Olawale Ahmed, tutored her.

When asked how she was able to pull off the US admission, Ofure jokingly said she applied and had to tell the coordinator that she cannot fund herself as the dollar to naira conversion is very high.

She revealed that the offer came to her when she was eating and least expected it. Ofure said unlike in Nigeria, the professors at Standford are so approachable, citing how she fell ill and was not punished for not writing a test.

Ofure added that studying in the US is tasking, saying she got drained when she took only two courses in a semester unlike in Nigeria where the lady had survived 14.

Explaining the rigour, the graduate student went into how a course could have weekly assignments and series of tests as a way to ensure students really know what they signed up for. 

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