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Urgent Need To Rehabilitate Unimaid’s Dilapidated Washrooms

Imran Musa
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University of Maiduguri is one of the prominent universities in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, the university is inundated with a number of dilapidated washrooms. It is expected that an academic environment should be tidy and students too should learn how to manage the facilities.

Many washrooms around the students dormitories are in terrible condition with waste gushing out and polluting the environment.

It is a highly unpleasant situation for students living on campus.

This has a multiplier effect as it breeds mosquitoes and other dangerous germs thereby endangering the health of the students

Rodents are not left out either as they have found a good hideout in the washrooms and the students’ hostels.

The situation is similar in washrooms in the classrooms and lecture halls areas, which also suffer from water shortage.

As a result of these, a good number of students in the institution are suffering from typhoid, malaria and other associated illnesses.

As a concerned student, I will like to plead with the university management to urgently take action and rectify the situation to save the students and indeed the university community.

Mujahideen Adamu Ali, Department of Mass Communication, University of Maiduguri


Source: Daily Trust

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