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Uniport builds two COVID-19 treatment centres

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The Management of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) has built two COVID-19 treatment centres and testing facilities in the campus in preparation to welcoming students back to school.

The facility built within the university also received the assistance of Amni International Petroleum Development Company Limited. Acting Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Stephen Okodudu, revealed this while conducting journalists round the facilities.

He noted that the institution has put in place adequate measures to ensure that the students are safe while their attend classes, adding that the university has also put in place facilities for on-line lectures for large classes.

“The testing centres too, we have come a long way. We have been on since November. On the whole, I think it is sustainable if we have come this far. It is to begin that is the difficult aspect of it, sustaining it is easier.”

Okodudu expressed optimism that the measures put in place were sustainable, adding that the university has placed premium on students to ensure they comply strictly with all COVID-19 protocols.

He said: “The thing is that we have put up advisories to the staff members and students to maintain all Covid-19 protocols. At least, use a facemask. If you cannot afford a surgical face-mask, you can use the ones made with clothes.

“For large classes, we have facilities that they (students) can stay in the comfort of their homes and take their lectures. There will be no reason for them to come around for lectures.”

He noted that the university would not permit sale of hostels rooms or crowded spaces, adding that only those the institution allocated spaces to would be allowed to reside in the hostels.

“What we have to deal with now is the issues of room occupancy ratio. We have had before a situation where six students stay in one room, including squatters and we will not allow that this time”, he said.


Source: Guardian Nigeria

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