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‘Studying law was more of a challenge’

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Rhoda Awosunle is a 2018 law graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife. She told ADEBISI ONANUGA why the Law School programme should be remodeled into university programme.


I was born into the family of six to late Mr. E.I. and Mrs. M.A Awosunle. I am the last of the six children. I hail from Ile-Ife, Osun State.

Educational background

I started my elementary studies in Durable Foundation School, Lagos, after which I proceeded to First Zion High School, Lagos, where I completed my secondary education. I am a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife Osun State and I was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2018.

Why law

Well, studying law as a course came as a child’s play first before it became a reality in my case. I remembered growing up as a child when I was being asked what I wanted to become, even without the knowledge of what it meant to me, my reply would always be ‘I want to become a lawyer’. That little thought I nursed as a child, became stronger as I grew up and it became a reality.

Motivating factor

Also one of the things that stood as a motivating factor was shortly after I graduated from secondary school, I had this delay in gaining admission into the University for a number of years. Then, concerned friends, neighbours and some family members came with different ideas for me to change of course, that I no longer had much time on my side being a girl-child that I was and all of that. But I saw it as a discouragement. I saw it more as a challenge and thank God for today here I am, a lawyer.

All for law

In reality I would never have thought of any other course within Art/Humanities closely related to law. Well it would have been something entirely different like Medicine and Surgery but I wasn’t good in anything Science so I think it would still have been law.

First lawyer in immediate family

I am the only lawyer in my immediate family but in my extended family I know of two of them.

A mentally exerting Law School

Law school programme was mentally exerting. It will help if law school curriculum could filter into the university degree curriculum so that the academic burden in law school would reduce.

Present practice

I practise in Akinlolu Omoyinmi & Co. and my principal is Abayomi Akin Omoyinmi Esq.

Relationship with principal

It is more of an employer and employee relationship with a bit of learning in the process.

First day in court

The feeling was kind of strange owing to the fact that my wig and gown was still very much new. So it was evident that I was a new wig. Though I appeared calm, I was burning inside with a whole lot of thoughts going on in my mind. I was before Honourable Justice Eya in Enugu State.

Most memorable day in court

It was the day I was going to object to a bail application in court, and I was going to announce my appearance without being led by a senior. That was about two months into my service year. I was glad that I did that the very first time and I was able to kill the fear of having to address the court.

Most embarrassing day in court

It was still that very day. Unknown to me, I was served with two different bail applications on the same matter, filed on different dates, well because there was an amendment. I was on the other hand supposed to make a consequential amendment reflecting the changes made but I, immediately after the applicant withdrew his first application and moved his motion, opted to adopt the counter-affidavit which was withdrawn instead of having already filed another counter-affidavit. All I heard while I was addressing the court was ‘Rhoda what are you doing? Where is the consequential amendment you filed? This is a criminal matter that you are taking so lightly, this is somebody’s life that you are taking for granted! If this was a civil matter I would have awarded cost against you, you better get your act together’. I felt really bad but not discouraged, not disappointed but a warning to brace up.

Judge, SAN or Prof?

Professor of law? No, SAN most likely.

Marriage to a lawyer?

Why? No

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