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Nigerian man who was denied visa twice 15 years ago graduates from US varsity in style

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A Nigerian man has become an inspiration to social media users as he celebrated his most recent academic success

He finished with a distinction in his master's programme from a US university after he was denied visa twice 15 years ago

The young man went on to highlight his numerous successes despite only having spent 18 months in America

A Nigerian man has been celebrated on social media as he eventually achieved success after facing stumbling blocks on his path.

The man identified as Babatunji Ogunjobi announced that he bagged a distinction in his master's programme in the United States.

Babatunji recounted how he had applied for a student visa 15 years ago and got denied twice by the consular on the grounds that he was a mediocre.

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Undeterred, he said he reapplied in the year 2019 and was successful.

18 months down the line, he said he got 3 scholarships, 4 awards and a role at tech giant Microsoft.

He wrote:

"15years ago, I was refused a visa twice to study in the United States. In fact on my second attempt, the consular officer said she was refusing my visa application because I was mediocre.
"In 2019, I tried again and got the visa.
"18months,3 scholarships,4 awards later, yesterday I graduated with a Masters of Science in Business Information Systems with distinction (4.0 out of 4.0GPA) from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

"I have also accepted a job offer at Microsoft as a Senior Business Program Manager.
"I am not saying I am no longer mediocre but this mediocre doesn’t give up on his dreams.
"Thank you to every one who has been part of my journey so far."
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Congratulatory messages flooded his comment section as many drew inspiration from his story.

Daize N. reacted:

"But this mediocre doesn't give up on his dreams" Wow! Who ever called you mediocre made the biggest mistake of her life, because you are anything but mediocre."
Sunny Kumar wrote:

"Nice story but I feel its incomplete, no matter how much success you will get in your career. It will be complete if you provide opportunities to younger guys in your country so that they don't have to wait to go to US to do miracles."
Oluwadayi K. commented:

Meanwhile, previously reported that a Nigerian man in the US had shared reasons American embassy denies people students visas.

In series of tweets he made with his Twitter handle @MisterNigerD, he said the key to scaling through the visa application hurdle is not giving the consular at the embassy any reason to believe that you will be staying back in the US after your studies.

@MisterNigerD stated that another huge pitfall to avoid is to say that you would be getting a job when your school is on holiday in the state. This, according to him, will get your visa application denied.




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