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Nigerian man celebrates as he gets scholarship for PhD, to receive N8.7m stipend

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 A Nigerian man simply identified as Mike has made himself proud after getting a scholarship for his PhD

 Mike, who will be studying inorganic chemistry, said he got the scholarship with his 4.49 CGPA

 The young man will also be working as a teaching assistant and receiving over $23,000 stipend

A Nigerian man with the Twitter handle @MikeMicheal_ has taken to the social media platform to celebrate his win after getting a scholarship for his PhD in inorganic chemistry.

The young man simply identified as Mike said he got the offer with his 4.49 CGPA. He would be doing his PhD with his first degree.

According to Mike, he will be working as a teaching assistant and receiving over $23,000 (N8,764,150) stipend.

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Nigerians were proud of the young man and they soon flooded the comment section of his post with congratulatory messages.

@Omojuwa wrote:

"Congratulations! This is a big deal."
@Dolzpetite said:

"This is for those that say CGPA no matter.. With their false hope of THIRD CLASS go still employ FIRST CLASS grads... It matters a lot..
"Congrats man.."
@WImoleayo commented:

"Congratulations to you brother. It's indeed a remarkable achievement. Pls I also want to write GRE. I need a sponsor. I have a first class in politics science."

@kanmawitstyl said:


"This is really huge bro. Congratulations to you, inorganic is actually my best branch of chemistry."

In similar news, Emmanuel Nworie, a Nigerian man who resorted to petty cassava farming after graduating with a first class in mathematics, has left the shores of the country for the United States.

After 6 years of trying, Nigerian man finally secures his visa, sets to study abroad with scholarship
A university in Texas is sponsoring the young man for his PhD after he was discovered by a Nigerian man named Michael Taiwo.

The disclosure was made on Twitter by Suraj Oyewale, who expressed gratitude to Taiwo for discovering the young man.




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