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It is not enough reading books: University of Ibadan first class graduate who finished with 6.6/7.0 speaks

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Martins Isaac Olusanya has stated that it is never enough for a student to just be reading books

The first-class graduate of University of Ibadan said he took energy drinks to help him read

 The scholar eventually finished with a 6.6 after failing to get admitted to study law

For many students, the dream of finishing school with a first class is usually a great one which may not see the light of the day, but Martins Isaac Olusanya was able to achieve this in style.

The first-class graduate of history from the University of Ibadan in an exclusive interview with however said it is not enough reading books as a student.

Martins who finished with a 6.6 in a 7.0 grading system, stated that it is necessary to have skills to aid one's progress in life, this he understood while in school.

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On how he achieved academic success, he said he was a rigorous reader. According to the him, he resorted to taking energy drinks to aid his night study as he is usually tired after a stressful day and needed something like a mind booster.

The scholar who had originally put in law but got history because he missed the cut-off mark by a point revealed that sometimes, he goes days without having his bath just so for the purpose of his study.

The campus journalist maintained that he shied away from departmental affairs and social activities to allow for dedication and concentration on his studies.

In his words:

"In 2012, I had my second attempt at securing admission in the University of Calabar rejected. I was dejected and demoralized."
Encouraging others, he had this to say:

“Some dreams might seem too big and out of reach but I tell you today, that, no matter how big or scary they are, your dreams, every one of them, are valid.”


Source: Legit.Ng

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