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How SAIDU ADAMU’s 40yrs Old Record in Pols Science Dept was Broken in 2020

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In what appeared a prove that “A” is no longer for God, “B” for Lecturers of the Department of Political Science and International Studies ABU Zaria, “C” for Serious students, and “D” for the rest! Mal. Saidu Adamu’s 40yrs record was broken in January 2020 by two students; Abdulaziz Dahiru Dawet and Mohammed Abdullahi Lere who both graduated with first-class degrees from the prestigious department.

In what appeared unprecedented and a new record in the history of the department, both Abdulaziz Dahiru Dawet and Mohammed Abdullahi Lere graduated from the department with that cumulative CGPA of 4.52.

Reacting to his achievement, Abdulaziz Dahiru Dawat took to Twitter to dedicated his achievements to the Almighty as he Congratulates himself and his friend/colleague Mohammed Abdullah Lere for collectively braking many years record by graduating with first-class in BSc Political Science and Same CGPA (4.52)

On his part, Mohammed Abdullahi Lere gave Glory to God Almighty. He saluted his friend and political science comrade with whom he was able to break the record with the same CGPA. He equally congratulated the three first-class graduates from the International relations discipline who share the same department.

Abdullahi said the journey was tough but the end justified the means. He went ahead to congratulate all graduating students, praying that God would bless their certificates.

He also addressed the remaining students, praying that they would also graduate with grades higher than his own. He thanked everyone who congratulated him, adding that he appreciates every one of them.

History of first-class Degree in ABU Pols Science Department

The ABU Zaria Department of Political Science and International Studies is one of the oldest academic departments founded not long after the establishment of Ahmadu Bello University itself in 1962.

It was created along with those of sociology and economics soon after approval was given for the coming into being of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in the 1966/1967 session. 

It is notorious for not producing first-class graduates. The first (and last) first class graduate of the department emerged in the 80s. He is Late Mal. SAIDU HASSAN ADAMU who later became one of the best lecturers in the department. He died in 2017


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