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Fatima Akinola who graduated with a 4.73/5.0 First Class Honors in Mathematics from UDUS, has emerged best student in her American Masters degree

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Fatima Akinola who graduated with a 4.73/5.0 First Class Honors in Mathematics from Usman Dan Fodio Sokoto, has emerged best student in her American Masters degree with a perfect 4.0/4.0 in Mathematics at Marshall University. Fatima will now run PhD in Mathematics in Florida. 

The lady has taken to social media to celebrate as she rounded off her master's programme in the United States in style.

The Nigerian scholar identified as Fatima A. Akinola graduated with a perfect grade of 4.0/4.0 in mathematics from Marshall University, USA.

An elated Fatima, in a LinkedIn post, said it was her proudest achievement putting Nigeria in good light on the world map with her academic achievements.

The first-class graduate revealed that next stop for her was to pursue her PhD in the University of Florida on a fully funded scholarship.

Her sister Aisha Janki Akinola in celebratory post on LinkedIn disclosed that stellar performances in academia are commonplace with Fatima.

According to Aisha, Fatima had in 2017 emerged the best graduating student from Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, breaking a 42-year-old record in the process as no female had achieved such feat.

Other amazing feats recorded by Fatima, as highlighted by her include:

"Secured a 100% scholarship at the Nigerian Turkish International College for her senior high school (2009 to 2012).

"Came first in Kano State (12th at National level) in Chemistry International Olympiad for senior high schools.
"Represented Sokoto State at several competitions including the at the National Cowbell Mathematics competition for junior high schools at Lagos in 2009 and the National junior Mathematics Olympiad in at Ibadan in 2009."

Social media users flooded her comment section with congratulatory messages and kind words.

Sheema Khan wrote:

"Love this. Is she thinking of Grad school? If yes - please make sure she aims high - Harvard, MIT, University of Chicago, Stanford, Princeton, Waterloo, etc."

Siggi B. remarked:

"Rejoicing for your entire family and especially you, Fatima! What a herculean accomplishment! The pride - you, your family and community must feel is cause for great celebration and gratefulness for such is not accomplished without the unwavering support of family and the extraordinary mind that God blessed you with!

"Now, use your stellar education to impact the community and world around you! Use your platform as both a role model and a display for His grace."

Yasmin Djendel reacted:

"Inspiring, brilliant! Well done to your sister Aisha.

"Give her my salam and a big hug."


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