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Babcock University to host Africa 2050 Virtual Summit

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The President/Vice-Chancellor at Babcock University, Ilishan Remo, Prof. Ademola Stephen Tayo has commended Africa 2050 team for its laudable projects across the continent.

Speaking at a briefing, Prof. Ademola lauded Africa 2050 for its impactful work across universities in Africa. “I can tell you categorically that Babcock University is happy to host Africa 2050 to an upcoming virtual summit on March 23rd, at the university.”

He stressed the importance of reaching out to the younger generation who are the leaders of tomorrow.

“It appears African youths are engrossed with entertainment while they think less of politics, having the wrong perception that politics is a dirty game, but Africa 2050 Summit across Africa has rekindled my hope in correcting this anomaly and encouraging youths to wake up and actively get involved in politics,’’ he said.

Earlier, Olaide Agboola, the Public Relations Officer of Africa 2050, said the initiative is a shared passion by the Circle Media Plus and African Voice Newspaper UK, which is becoming a movement of passionate youths to see a developed continent before 2050.

“We have organised Africa 2050 Summit in the University of Kenya Nairobi, Kampala University Uganda, Lead City University Ibadan, University of Ibadan, the University of Cape Town and the University of Ghana Accra. We are looking forward to a great summit at Babcock University with the theme, ‘Who will fix Nigeria?’

The summit promises to be a great one having selected Dr Aaron Ola Ogundiwin and Dr Nwaodike Chibuzor of Political Science and Public Administration, Babcock University to speak at the summit. Also Mrs Omobolanle Sarumi, Oyo first female governorship candidate at the 2019 gubernatorial election will be speaking at the event. This is a huge opportunity for sponsors and partners across Africa to support this initiative’’ she said.


Source: Nigerian Tribune

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