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UNN Student shares his "first day in School" Story

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My First day In school(UNN) *Non fiction*

My very first day in school wont make any sense to you if you dont understand What UNN looks like.

That day was quite fun,ecstatic , enthusiastic, stupid and above all interesting
I woke up late that day due to fatigue from my activities the previous day . When i woke up , it was already few minutes to 9.

Meanwhile my first lecture was scheduled to hold by 7:30.

Like a flash of lighting ; it took this Adam's bath that was peculiar to the male gender 😂😂 and under 20 mins, i was at Odim gate .

Immediately i entered into the campus vicinity , Meehn, i just was students trooping in succession like it was a rosary procession, just that some were running like they were chased by that monster in Temple run.

Seeing the running team, i just decided to join the troop do as not to look unserious .. my dear , if someone had asked me that day " Anoneemous where u de run go" 😂😂 My answer would have been a blunt . "I no know ooo"..

Afterwards , i met a student and asked him to direct me to Faculty of arts, the guy asked me the lecture i was going for and i told him , He was like" na now day dey break abi" i just hissed and started running towards the direction he pointed .

I finally located the venue but the lecture was over . I sighed and checked my time table for the next lecture , Cos 101.. The lecture was to hold by 11 but my time still says 9:37,  However i just decided to get there now and sit tight .I didn't know the venue so i had to ask questions , You know they say a man that asks questions doesn't miss his way ; but make sure say person wey u ask sef sabi road .

This fellow just directed me to a wrong hall . I sat in the hall from 10 till 11:30 No lecture or lecturer , The hall was scanty sef so i decided to ask another person to be sure am in the right hall , That was when i realized i have been wasting my time , sitting down for the past two hours while my mates were learning in the hall opposite mine , I just dashed out of the hall like a mad man and started heading towards Fossa Hall, as soon as i approached the door , the only thing i heard from the lecturer was "See you next time we meet" after saying this , Baba left the hall , I was a shadow of myself walai. First day two lectures missed "ahhh not the start i expected ".

I checked the next lecture which was also to be the last for the day "Els 121"
It was in Els classroom so i had no problem locating the hall , The lecture was scheduled to hold by 12 but i was in the hall by11:45.

At this point , i was convinced i had gotten the right hall and seeing the number of my course mates , i was convinced i was in the right place at the right time , Infact not even the devil will make me miss this lecture. I prepared my mind to listen with apt attention and take something tangible home , I brought out my new 8in1 note book and jotter, greeted few people and waited for the lecturer .. my dear i was in that class till 12:45 , no lecturer , "Hiaan ooo, who did i offend bikonu'' .

After waiting for few more minutes , Stupid Class Rep now entered and told us that THE LECTURE HAS BEEN CANCELLED . I just heard a voice whispering to me " HOW MANY TIMES WILL THEY TELL YOU THAT NIGERIA IS NOT FOR YOU" .

I was mad at this stupid , dry and bony class rep in front of me , infact Campus Parrot May you suffer for six hundred years .

First day in campus
Three lectures
None attended

Out of frustration , i entered glorious 😁. Bought rice and moi moi with cold Rc . Money dey pocket that time naa , I still went to Sub to buy Mishai and Bigi smoov . I just cool down chop am finish .

After eating i had a short walk through school and headed back to Odim gate where i live

School has stressed me walai 😂