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Short Story by Okeke Precious Ozioma

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Short Story by Okeke Precious Ozioma

I was heading to the kitchen when I heard some voices in our store. "We need to get out of this house before things get worse". Said the first voice which I guessed, must be that of a female somebody'.
"I know right baby". The second voice replied(it should be that of a male somebody).

I was really scared. Who are these people in our house? Why are they hiding? How did they get in? I asked no one in particular, maybe my shadow was the only person listening to me but she didn't answer any of the questions.
Father and mother went for an outreach at Asaba so I was left alone in the house with Ifeoma, my baby sister, she is 10.

I thought it was an imagination but hell no! It wasn't.
The voices kept coming, this time around louder.
"We'd have to take some of their belongings, especially the edibles". The female voice said again.
Hey God ! They are going to rob us! I screamed(in my mind). How do you expect me to even make a noise when some strange beings are hiding somewhere in the house?
I tiptoed to the door of our packing store, I managed to eavesdrop without letting anyone of them notice my presence. You can call me a Professor of Eavesdropping, I have a doctorate degree in that course.
I stood there and listened to their whole conversation.
Female: Shhhhhhh, don't move yet.
Male: Why?
Female: I think there's someone at the door
Male: Oh common babes, their parents went out yesterday for an outreach. It's just the kids at home. They can't do nahin

Oh! This guy speaks slangs too? Calling 'nothing' nahin? He must be a typical Nigerian! What am I even saying? We're all Nigerians? Are we not? We are not? Not are we? That was me asking myself... Well, don't call me a Weirdo yet.
Wait! The famel someone is about is say something to the male.

Female: I'm tired of staying in this Nigeria, honey
Male: Same here darling, please let's not talk about the elections.
Female: We won't(beaming with smiles)
Male: We have to leave this house this night then make plans on how to leave this country before the month runs out.
Female: Yay! 💃
Male: Ya happy?
Female: Yay! 💃
Male: That's right, baby. I'd do anything to make you happy! Now let's go to their kitchen and gather all the edibles and leave...

By now, I've gathered enough courage to challenge them so I threw the door open to their surprise.

Me: Go where? Are you mad? Is your brain paining you? I can see your village people tied your brains to a cassava stem!
Male: (silent)
Female: (silent)

Me: You ain't going anywhere! In this kinda économic recession you guys want to take our foods and then leave the house and in few weeks to come you'd leave the country? Ya mad!
We die here! No leave! No transfer!

(rushes outside to get something I'd use and murder them)
These Rats are mad o
They never see something!
I'd kill them today!

© okeke precious ozioma