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Hilarious: Another reason why I hated secondary school

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Back in Secondary school, I had a best friend who was like my gossip partner.. I was in JSS1 then, small and mischievous.. As long as I can remember, I've always had these recurring dreams where I see myself flying..
Basically I'd be floating in the air a few inches from the ground and flying wherever I wanted.. I had a best friend of mine back in JSS1.
So one day, I and my best friend were gisting, and then I told him about this dream I had the previous night where I was flying.. Told him I used to have such dreams regularly and we laughed about it.. Like that like that sha, we continued gisting.. He was my gossip partner

The next day I come to school and I meet my nigga at the assembly, so I fell in line behind him.. I tried to talk to him and start a convo asking him if he did his assignment but this guy snubs me.. Okay, maybe he didn't hear me, so I tap him on the shoulder "Elijah did you do your homework?" .. He just shrugs my hand..off his shoulders and moves to the front of the line.. Wow! What I do??

He wouldn't talk to me or answer me in class, and by break time he had moved to a different seat away from me
I dunno, maybe he was jealous I was being Superman in the dreams and he wasn't.. I mean, why the beef? 💁🏻‍♂️
Anyways I just let him be for the rest of the day.. Chilling and gisting with other classmates..
The next day, same thing continues, he's not talking to me, as usual, I play with other people, but somehow I still miss our friendship cos I wasn't that close others..

By the 4th day, I notice something.. Other classmates are beginning to avoid me
Shit starts to get real.. My classmates aren't talking to me, side talks were going on, crowds dispersed immediately I joined them..
Mehn.. Oluwa wetin dey occur 😢
Them no allow me play with them, them no gree me copy their assignments, everybody just shenk me.. Even the ones I used to share my lunch money with, everybody abandoned me.
Until one girl wey dey stay the same area with me come tell me wetin dey sup

It turns out this stupid boy had gone home to brag about his friend who used to fly in the dreams, and his over-religious mother had heard it and had gone paranoid, telling him how I was a "winch" and how there were little children like me who went around initiating other kids into witchcraft blah blah blah.. She had told him not to associate with me or even collect any food or drinks from me..

And this dude had gone to tell the whole class! 😂 😂
NO WONDER!!!!!! 😂

So everyone was avoiding me because they thought I was a witch and I would initiate them into some coven 🤣🤣
It was really funny to me, and I even put up some acts to scare the bloody idiots the more 😂
But then shit went wrong real fast!!

These mo'fuckers reported me to one of the teachers who was in charge of School Fellowship every Friday 🤦🏽‍♂️
Told him all sort of things, added jara and painted me like a devil!

Friday came.. They organized fellowship as usual about one hour to closing time.. We plenty for hall.. Christians, some Muslims who followed their Christian friends, etc.. Even the teacher in charge, and one other guy who called himself a youth pastor. Na two of them dey run fellowship.. Fellowship went on smooth.. Until it got to the ending part..Youth pastor dey pray dey form spiritual.. E say e dey see vision..

Na so Youth Pastor say "There is someone here! A JSS1 student! You occasionally see yasef flying in the night!!"
Ahh!! 🙆🏽‍♂️

Where I know say na plan work na when all my classmates just begin move dey gimme 10 yards.. E come be like say only me dey inside circle.. All eyes were on me.. I could see fear written on their faces, maybe they were expecting me to roll on the ground and start manifesting..
Why una dey move away from me na, I don't bite

Youth Pastor called me out!
I went out onto the stage..

He said I should kneel down, I knelt down..

He said so I was a winch abi.. I tried to deny, they said they will flog hell out of me until I confess 😢
Teacher was already holding cane standing behind the Youth Pastor..
They said if I didn't confess, they would beat me and they would make sure they expel me after telling my parents 😭

Small me, I was 11 years old at that time and I was very tiny, it was easy to bully a false confession out of a scared little boy.. 😢
My parents were staunch Deeper Life members back then, I was scared that if this got to them, it would be another round of trouble.. All I had to do was agree I was a witch and allow then pray for me and my troubles would be over.. Okay na.. No problem

I confessed!

They say so you are a winch.. I say yes..

They say how long have you been a winch.. I say is going to 5 months now..

They say how many students have you initiated in this school.. Leeemao 🤣🤣

I say I've initiated 12 students!!

I proceed to point out different students, 3 of my classmates, my idiot best friend who snitched on me, I even picked some students just because they had beef with me..

Ahh.. Ndubuisi you're owing me N50 and you wantu hide, I see you!!!
Come out you winch!!

They say who initiated me.. I mentioned one Senior in SS2 who used to bully me 😂😂
They sent someone to his class and called him out..
I pointed students from other classes too.. If I don't like your face, I pick you!
Today na today.. If I go down we all go down together!! 😂

They gathered all of us on the stage and asked us to kneel down..

Anybody wey lie, them wipe am cane!!

Laugh dey hook me inside but I no fit laugh am out..

The senior try deny, them wipe wipe all him head.. Baba gats confess
All of them dey look me bad eye..

After plenty plenty talk, they sha prayed for us, laid hands on us and casted out demons from each of us after forcing us to drink olive oil and recite Psalm 38:18
They personally casted 4 demons out of me.. But I regained them back later..
Then they forced us to give our lives to Christ and proclaimed us new creatures.. Amen. 🤦🏽‍♂️
About a week later, I had the same dream again, but this time I kept my mouth shut!

Those students never forgave me till I left the school in SS2..

*Today, I'm a pilot*