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How Nekede Poly eliminated paper trail

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At the Federal Polytechnic Nekede in Imo State, students do not carry file from department to department signing registration forms at the beginning of every session.

Its Rector, Rev. Michael Arimanwa said this was possible because of the Smart Campus Initiative launched in 2019.

In an interview with The Nation, Arimanwa said not only did students not need to sign forms to register soon, they would not even need to complete paperwork to register or check results physically until graduation as everything would be done online.

He said: “We launched the Smart Campus Initiative in 2019 and the whole essence of the concept is to digitalise our operations so that everything about the institution is automated and digitalised.

“Now, if you are a student in this polytechnic, you do not need to queue behind a window to pay fees; you do not need to queue behind a window to get the receipt of fees you have paid; you do not need to go to a lecturer’s office to get your semester results. Even if you are doing clearance after graduation, you do not need to go from office to office to get it done. All these activities and more have been integrated into our website portal so that any student that needs to do anything only needs to go to the website.”

Arimanwa said students only need to show up physically to collect their statements of results.  He said automating the process protects students from extortion, harassment and other vices.

“The only time the student will need to make contact with officials physically, is when he wants to collect his or her statement of result and that is for obvious reasons. We do not need to post it online, you need to physically come, sign and collect the statement of result.

“Beyond that, every other thing from beginning to end can be done without making unnecessary contact with people. Even courses are registered online, examinations are written online and lecturers mark and grade the examinations and move the results to the necessary departments through the same portal until it gets to the final authority whose responsibility it is to approve results.

“As we complete the project cycle of the Smart Campus Initiative, what will happen is that from the beginning of their registration to their graduation, students will have no need to interface with anybody. And it should be noted at this point also, that it is such physical interface that usually creates room for bribery, extortion, intimidation, manipulation and harassments. So far, the system is running perfectly and we shall continue to raise the bar in learning and innovation,” he said.

Source:The Nation Newspaper 

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