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Funny truth about Night classes in Nigerian Universities

Imran Musa
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Night class has been a normal pre requisite for most students in tertiary institutions to enable them to catch up with their academic work. Funny enough not all students use this medium to study as they are expected to. These are actually the categories of people you will meet in night classes in a typical nigerian tertiary institution:




1. Customer care agents: This category of people will keep on receiving calls from the time the came to class till the sleep off. If you sit beside them; “sorry” and most of them are usually ladies.


2. The lookers: This category of people will make sure that they look at any slightest movement around them. If they ever see any good looking girl or guy then they will never cease catching a glimpse at her or him. You will even wonder if these people actually came to study or to observe others studying.

3. The late comers: This is common among girls. When you get to class from 4-7 pm, you will discover that the class is empty. They are waiting till 9:30 when their presence will be noticed.

4. The preachers: I am sure this set of people annoy every reader in that class but nobody could pick the courage to rebuke them because nobody wants to be tagged enemy of God’s word. The worst part is that these preachers come to preach when they are tired of reading and want to stretch themselves.

5. The itinerant readers: they are people who move in and out of the reading room every ten minutes. Sometimes you see them walking about the corridors. In extreme cases they can read in four to six classes in a night.

6. The unarmed robbers: yes I call them unarmed because they look very innocent when they are reading beside you waiting for the operation time. They steal things like phones, reading lamp, purse/wallet, laptops, wrist-watches and textbooks etc.

7. The chronic sleepers: Hmmm, this set of people will just entet the class and lay their face on the desk and sleep off. They will not open their book from the time they came in to the time they will leave. They are always victims of the category of people in #7 above. The bad thing about these set of people is they snore without regards and they fart without conscience. 

8. The ash-crammers: They are our first classers, they will start reading from the time they came in till dawn. Sometimes I wonder what they will be doing during the day. 

9. The eaters: They will buy buscuit, viju milk, lacasera, gala and chewing gum etc and all the snacks in the world just to attend night class. You will begin to wonder if they are in nursery night class or university night class.

10. The pingers: This set of people will never let their phones be. Some will even come with up to three phones. They will press their phone up and down, every now and then, which will even begin to make you wonder if they are actually studying or proof-reading. 

11. The toasters: If every other category is mentioned without mentioning the guys and babes who come to night class to look for partners then the list is incomplete. This is for people who are single and searching every night. 

12. The couples: They will come to class together, continue talking, chatting and touching each other until they are tired then off they go. They have gone to night class. 

What category of people did you or do you fall in?