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Why I Beat Up My Lecturer - ABUAD Student Explains

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Nigerians were left in shock when footage of a student of Afe Babalola University beating a female lecturer started making rounds.

In the shocking video, you can hear bystanders watching telling the student to take it easy pointing out that the lecturer he’s fighting is a woman. Other bystanders are at the background can also be heard cheering him on telling him to not take it easy on her and insisting that she beats him.

Here is the shocking video of the ASU student beating his lecturer:


I know, the video is really shocking. That is somebody’s mother that little boy is hitting like that, it’s ridiculous.

Still, while people were understandably upset by the video, nobody could fully judge because people didn’t know the crimes of the lecturer – was she caught trying to misuse her power? Take advantage of the boy? Was the attack in self defense? Nobody knew, until now.

After the video went viral and questions started being asked, the truth of what caused this ASU student was finally revealed and let me tell you know, the reason why this man is beating this woman will SURPRISE you! It definitely surprised me. Are you ready to see it? Then let’s go!

According to reports by the people who uploaded the video, the scuffle happened because the lecturer being beaten doesn’t allow people into her class who aren’t putting on ties.

According to reports, the lecturer made wearing of ties compulsory in her class and so asked the student here to leave her class because he wasn’t putting on a tie. According to reports, the boy didn’t want to oblige with the instruction given and so little by little the scuffle started to build ultimately resulting in the fight we see above.

The fight was over A TIE. A school tie. A Tie!

Nawa! What won’t we see in Nigeria. Reacting to the video, one user commented on YouTube saying:

That guy is just a fool. He doesn't know the weight of what he is doing. I'm sure he is doing this to impress his foolish friends, so they will be hailing him after that he is a no-nonsense person.

But because of this, he will be expelled from school, made to face the law (at least few months in prison), he will become an ex convict, he has lost few years of his life attempting school and being expelled and going to jail.

That fool will regret his actions when he gets older.

While another user wrote saying:

Immediate expulsion and prosecution and shame on the students watching and not intervening including the girl talking saying she's a woman. Outrageous

Overall, I just think this is so unnecessary, especially over a tie. The fact that he really raised his hand to hit and punch another person’s mother, another person’s daughter – it’s wrong. Completely wrong. On all fronts. I hope he’s duly punished for this action because this is NOT it, at all. Very bad. What do you think?

That’s All.

Source:Jide Okonjo

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