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Uplifting education in Oyo State

Imran Musa
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EDUCATION forms the mainstay of a society’s development and this is the primary reason the sector has received serious attention from successive governments in Oyo State.

Series of efforts have been directed at building more classrooms, recruiting teachers and other complementary steps to improve the standard of education in the Pacesetter State.

Despite these laudable inputs, government’s efforts have continued to suffer setbacks occasioned by an awfully high number of dilapidated public schools’ classrooms in urban and rural areas in the state.

The deplorable conditions of these classrooms are due to avoidable inadequate chairs and tables and extremely bad floor conditions of the classrooms.

Without a doubt, desirable and proper learning cannot take place in this unconducive classroom environment, which is contrary to the government’s educational goal.

To improve the conditions of public school classrooms, it is high time a department was established for the purpose of ensuring regular maintenance of classrooms in the state in the same manner FERMA and OYSTROMA maintain federal and state roads, respectively.

Obviously, a good classroom condition and adequate provision of chairs and tables are not negotiable if good results will justify the huge funding education gulps.

Oyo State students are passing through avoidable learning distress due to poor state of their classrooms.

Stakeholders like communities and old students’ associations should be involved and support the government in this task.

A good classroom environment builds high spirits for learning, concentration and understanding on the one hand and boosts teachers’ morale on the other.

Bello Muyideen Mosobalaje, Ibadan


Source: Nigerian Tribune

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