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Turkey gives 90% tuition waiver to students, says Coordinator

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The International Relations Coordinator of Tokat  Gaziosmanpasa University, Turkey,  Prof Kubilay Ozyer, has said that Turkey gives a 90 per cent tuition waiver for African students.

Ozyer made this known at the Goodmus Learning Centre, Lagos, while supervising the foreign students’ entrance examination into Turkish Universities. He explained that the examination was organised to test students’ intelligence quotient in philosophy and logic.

He said, “Turkey has a 90 per cent tuition waiver for Nigerian students and Africa at large. Tuition fees are small and there are about 1,020 universities which are already accommodating foreign students from Asia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Balkans.

“Turkish government has subsidised the tuition, food and accommodation. Nigerians have chances to have high quality education and affordable education in Turkey”.

CEO, Goodmus Learning Centre, Mr Adekunle Badmus, explained that the ongoing entrance examinations in to Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University in Turkey would help students discover their right field of study.

Badmus, said that the exam called YOS, was designed to assess the ability of students in order to discover the courses which they can fit into, in the university.

The examination which started since February 1 had been written across the nation.

It, however, would be written in Ibadan and Lagos on 12th and 13th of February respectively.

“The unique thing about this exam is that it is an assessment exam. Those who could not get high marks are given two-year diploma courses while those who got high marks are placed for degree programs”, Badmus said.


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