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Over 1000 girls benefit from ‘Give A Girl Child A Pad’ initiative in Ibadan schools

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In commemoration of International Women’s month, the Pamilerin Foundation, through its ‘Give A Girl Child A Pad’ initiative, donated sanitary pads to over 1000 girls in Queens of Apostles Secondary School and St Clair girls school, Oluyoro in Ibadan, Oyo State.

The founder, Pamilerin Adegoke, explained that the gesture was aimed at empowering and supporting young girls who can’t afford a pad.

“I have three sisters and I could remember how they disturb my father for money to get sanitary pads every month. Let me paint a scenario for you, imagine a family, where the father is earning is ₦40,000 and he has two girls, with every other monthly expenses in the house, using ₦400 to get pads is going to be a lot of money.

“Now my sisters could easily buy pads because they are privileged, they have parents that can afford to get these needs for them, but how many of these girls are privileged? So my team and I came up with the idea to do the best we can to ensure as many girls as possible get access to sanitary pads,” he said.

Pamilerin also disclosed that the train will move to other states and the NGO will continue to help the girl child.

“This is my third time doing this in Ibadan and my team and I will continue to help the girl child. We have a calendar and later this month, another one will come up in Lagos, then Ilorin, Ogun and Abuja,” he said.

Commenting on the project, a volunteer, Tolulope Johnson, said: “Many girls use clothes, tissues and other things. And since this is International Women’s month, the foundation decided that this is a good time to educate them and give them a grain of what it will be like to continue using pads and we hope they can be able to afford it and continue using it.

“I feel good contributing and it makes me very happy doing this for the girls,” she said.

The students expressed joy and appreciation for the foundation.

One of the said: “I have been thinking of how I’ll get the sanitary pad I will use for this month because it is expensive and I am delighted that I won’t have to worry about getting a sanitary pad for the month.

“I thank you for coming to our school and giving us this. We thank you and appreciate you.”

The foundation also educated the girls on the menstrual cycle and how to use a sanitary pad.


Source: Nigerian Tribune

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