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Mother Of 12-year-old Student Impregnated By Vice-principal Seeks Help

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Biological mother of the 12-year-old girl who was impregnated by the vice-principal of Community Secondary School, Gafia in Rimi local government area of Katsina State has sought help from the state government.


The 12-year-old Hadiza Ibrahim who underwent Cesarean Session (CS ) to be delivered of her baby is still on admission at Federal Medical Centre (FMC) in the state receiving medical attention, but she is yet to develop a feature to enable her breast milk.

Hasiza’s mother, Rabi Ibrahim, however, urged the Katsina State government and well-meaning individuals to assist in taking care of her child and the newborn.

LEADERSHIP visited her in the hospital and observed that the poor school girl and her family hardly survive on one square meal a day as they continue battling to save their daughter and her baby from the ugly condition.


The young grandmother, Rabi said “my name is Rabi Ibrahim, I am the mother to Hadiza who gave birth and she is my firstborn.

“Hadiza got pregnant in the school by her evil teacher named Ibrahim, and we don’t know until when she was about to deliver some days ago and we brought her to FMC Katsina and it confirmed that she is pregnant. I thought she was going to abort not knowing that she was even due for delivery. I’m shocked in fact.”


According to her, the Teacher (Tukur) is fond of having carnal knowledge of several children in the school, but this time around Allah (SWA) made his cup full to pay for his evil deed through her daughter.


“He used to deceive her with N50 and that he is her father’s namesake, Ibrahim. That paved ways for him to have full access to interact with her freely without us suspecting any foul play, unknown to us, he has been abusing her sexually.


“She could not tell us what was going on in the school because she is afraid and the evil teacher threatened her with punishment if she tells us and that made her keep it secret from us.


“Nobody understood Hadiza because she didn’t show any signs of pregnancy, Allah. Imagine, this her evil teacher, he is married to 3 wives,” she added.


Rabi expressed concern that her 12-year-old daughter is yet to develop breast that she could not breastfeed the child, as she only improvises to feed the baby.


“she has not even developed breast talk more of breast milk, but as at is, I used to improvise milk to sustain the child with the help of the doctors and nurses at the hospital, my grandson will survive,” she said.

She, therefore, pleaded for assistance from government and well-meaning individuals in the state to help them with funds to take proper care of her daughter with her son to alleviate their suffering.


Also speaking, the little mother, Hadiza, who looked unhealthy said Tukur used to give her “kudi-ya” in Hausa language referred to as a father to daughter gift in the form of money.


“He will give me N50, N100 and N200 and at times, call me to his office and have sex with me and will warn me not to tell anyone about it,” she said.


Dr Bola Kale, a consultant gynaecologist at the hospital, who spoke via telephone, explained why Hadiza’s breast did not grow at the same time with her other biological features for child production, describing Hadiza case as unusual.


He said, “It is not about age even for those who are well mature, for one reason or the other there might be a delay in the production of breast milk. Some will start early for the first feeding but some may be delayed.


“Sometimes we may just recommend breast pumps for some people to stimulate because it has a physiological effect. It differs from one person to another.


“It isn’t about her age, it’s just because probably nature may have delayed in producing breast milk.


“What is there is that they will continue to pump her breast if they have money, they can buy one breast pump to pump the breast so that one will be easier so that the child will continue to be on breast milk subtitle.”


He added that there were several exceptional cases of girls even at the age of 11 years developing breasts before their teenage while to some is between the ages of 16-20 years old without having their breasts fully developed.


Source: Leadership Newspaper

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