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Man offers scholarship to young boy he met on his construction site

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A benevolent man has turned the life of a young boy around by granting him a full scholarship to cushion his education days after their paths crossed at his construction site.

Known as Stephen Akintayo. the man shared the news on LinkedIn where he revealed that he had visited the site for his Jasper Estate Project to see how construction work was going and came across the little lad.

Upon learning that the boy is learning carpentry under the guidance of one of his workers at the site, his emotions were stirred and he decided to do what a good person with a conscience will do. Akintayo then gave the boy N10,000 on the spot and offered him a scholarship.

In his words;

“I got to Jasper Estate to Supervise the 1Bedroom, 2bedroom, 3Bedroom, and 5Bedroom work going on. While moving around the property I noticed a teenager in the temporary office for workers. Who is the father of this child and why is he not in school; I asked.

“His father is dead and his mother sent him to learn carpentry work with Me said one of the labourers who is a direct employee of the Contractor we awarded some of the projects to.

“I was full of rage in Me, To My recollection, secondary school is supposed to be free in Ogun State where they claim to come from. No parent can claim lack of money is why a teenager should be sent to carpentry work instead of being in school.”

“I gave the Boy 10,000naira to go home and he should come with his Mother to pick up a cheque for his schooling on Saturday during the first batch of the Stephen Akintayo 2021 Bursary…”


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