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In Nigeria, you won't graduate - Massive reactions as American doctors show off their locs in viral photos

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 A doctor has stirred massive reactions online as he posted photos of himself and his colleagues wearing dreadlocks

The photos received mixed reactions on social media as people argued about how ethical it is for doctors to appear in such a manner

When people became really negative about their comments, the man told them to take their bad energy elsewhere

Photos of some fine-looking young doctors in locs have set social media abuzz with interesting conversations around how a professional should look.

One of the doctors who shared the snaps captioned it:

"Docs with locs. Future looks bright."

In a subsequent post, the man asked people not to come under his post to spread hate as he wrote about his education life in America.

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@mauricio_downer said he has taught many students who initially felt worried about his hair but later saw how competent he was. compiled some of the reactions below:

@Odinakachukwu69 said:

"Believe me you can’t be like this in my country and you’re a doctor."
@1783American said:

"It's like white nurses flipping their hair over your bed. It's annoying, unsanitary and unprofessional. I wore lots for many years. Tell the truth. I don't want any hair flipping over me while I'm sick. Tie it up."
@eljumick said:

"In NIGERIA I'm sorry our evil lectures won't let you graduate."

@CleafRodrig said:

"Our future is in danger. Dy will pay more attention to ther hair Dan research chia. Next Generation is in trouble."
@samwistera said:

"I love this. It gives me hope."
@aginggleefully said:

"I feel cheated. I have never had a doctor this attractive."

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In a tweet on Thursday, January 14, the lady shared her first yearbook photo as a school teacher, saying that got her really emotional.

While most people praised her looks as cool, many tweeps said that her nose rings and ear piercings made her 'professionally' unfit for a teacher.

Source: Legit.Ng

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