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I see myself in a bigger place, Nigerian female graduate who sells abacha for a living says

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The Nigerian graduate who had gone viral on social media after she showcased her abacha business has stated that she finds fulfilment in the job

According to Igbo Amarachi Esther, the abacha business has been a family thing for 20 years and running

 The young lady said she is certain the future holds more for her

Igbo Amarachi Esther upon finishing the compulsory NYSC had joined her mother in her abacha business.

The female graduate had gone viral some weeks ago after she showcased her abacha business with joy.

In a recent interview with Legit.ng, the industrious lady revealed that her family has been engaging in the abacha business for the past 20 years.

According to Esther, she took interest in the business in the course of helping her mum who started it many years ago.

The Nigerian lady said she continued it while she schooled at the Abia State University (ABSU) to make ends meet.

"It is the business my mother was into it and is still into.

"It was known as Mama Ada Abacha and we had nice shop then until government demolished it and built ShopRite, that was a long time ago.

"So the business has been in existence, my mum started it, which we joined her.
"I decided to make the Abacha as a personal business while I was in the university Absu,when I started preparing it small small for people in occasion."

While maintaining that doing the business gives her happiness and fulfilment, Esther said she was willing to leave it for a better job.

The Enugu-based woman from a family of four females expressed optimism that things can only get better for her.

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Esther disclosed that the venture is a profitable one and went on to share her expansionary plans for the business.

"I have a lot on my mind for my Abacha business.

"I don't wish to end up selling my Abacha on the street,bcos we have been on the street,but I believe life na small small.
"My Abacha will surely carry a difference between a street Abacha seller and a graduate Abacha street seller.
''I see my self in a bigger place by the special grace of God.
"My Abacha branch all over states in Jesus name (Amen)."

Source: legit.Ng

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