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Graduates without 'sense' (Part one)

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The choice of the topic 'Graduates without sense' is a deliberate, planned and well-thought action by the writer to correct some mental abnormalities among Nigerian graduates. It's not by any way written to attack the image or personality of this stratum of the society but rather carefully scripted to stir up the geniuses in every Nigerian graduate who might have lost all hope in terms of job hunting or making earns meet.



Growing up, we were made to believe that after bagging a university degree or its equivalent, thence begins 'Responsibility' in its full capacity. By implication, you're to fend for yourself, parents, and siblings by extension. As a result, chances are that you'll need a lucrative job to meet up with your obligations as a graduate but do we really live up to this expectation? Today, the high rate of unemployment has eaten deep into every nook and cranny of the country as many now need to be up to the task before they can meet up with all these obligations.


At this point, we must be sincere with ourselves if we truly must enjoy the benefits life offers. Gone are the days we make fun with the nitty-gritty while we wallow in stream of ignorance. This article is not a friendly or 'romantic' but a thought-provoking eyeopener we need right now. The essence is for us to have a basis to correct some of the pitfalls in our educational sector.


Robert Kiyosaki (one of my mentors in the school of financial intelligence) once said; "Most education is designed to prepare people to live in a world that no longer exists". Wow! Guess that sinks into your mind, right? Actually, many graduates are living in a world that no longer exists, hence, they are educated but lacks sense when it comes to making money works for them. Education teaches us money as a concept in Economics but abstract in reality because the understanding we have on how money works is myopic and limitless. The question now is, how do we make money works for us?


Nigerian graduates need to understand that the only way money can work for them is to actually work for it. You can be sitting doing nothing and expect that money will work for you or rather giving yourself unrealistic projections you quite sure you won't be able to execute. Stop the rat race! When last have you taken your phone to watch YouTube tutorials just to gain knowledge on how to make bead or learn a technique that will in turn bring money on your table? What we have as norm is majoring in the minor while minoring in the major. What a misplaced priority!


Wondering why I embedded the lady in the photo with the symbol of graduation beside it? The reason is not far-fetched; it is high time we stopped playing hide and seek with those things that are essential to our successful living. This is a lady who never allow her condition to hold her down but amidst all odds went into hawking to make a living. Today, she has made a name for herself as many kindhearted Nigerians have started to raise support for her. Guess what make her different? It is the will to never give up even when it seems to be over. This is a big challenge to all Nigerian graduates out there still looking for well paying jobs to start improvising on other areas they can venture into and stop waiting for that miracle job that never exists. The greatest disaster that can ever befall a man is to be waiting for an harvest in summer when one refuses to sow in winter.


By Arogbonlo Israel


***To be continued


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