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COVID-19 Prevention: Surgeon Warns Against Use Of School Buses

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An Otorhinolaryngology expert, Prof Titus Ibekwe, has advised parents and school authorities in the country against conveying of school children with school busses.
Prof. Ibekwe, who is the Faculty Secretary, Otorhinolaryngology, National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria, noted that such measures would prevent further spread of COVID-19.
Otorhinolaryngology is the medical speciality dealing with diseases and disorders of the Ears, Nose, and Throat.
Ibekwe noted that considering the rate of COVID-19 in the country at the moment, parents should make out time to convey  their children to school and as well pick them during closing.
According to him, COVID-19 prevention in schools is a collective responsibility of the parents, teachers, school authorities and the government.
The secretary emphasised that all hands must be on deck in order to guide against further spread of second wave even as schools were gradually reopening.
“All these put together would help us and  our health planners to tackle the pandemic.
“So we should not relax on our guard, rather all should contribute actively in group starting with the parent, children, students, teachers, school authorities, school management, government at all levels ranging from local, state to National.
“Once we are able to do these and more, possibly we shall successfully combat the pandemic. Lets not be afraid to reopen schools but rather apply all the feats into precautionary measures,”.
Ibekwe advised parents with medical background to form  health committees saddled with the responsibility of looking into what is going on in their children’s schools.
According to him, they should as well help the school authorities in reviewing COVID-19 protocols, help them in running health clinics probono as social cooperate responsibility.
He said  “when we do that you will discover that we are all working toward same goal with the  government, students, teachers and each and everyone of us to move forward.”
Source: Leadership Newspaper
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