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Ahead of resumption:shun cyber fraud, students told  

Umah Muhammed
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The Executive Director, Youth for Peace and Development, Ishola Akinwale, has urged students and youths to desist from internet fraud popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ as they await resumption in their various schools.

This, he said, erodes cultural values, making young people not to value hard work. He noted that the get-rich-quick syndrome was eating deep into the minds of youth.

Speaking on the topic: “COVID-19 Pandemic: Prevalence of Internet fraud among youths and its implications on Nigeria”during a webinar, Akinwale lamented the rate at which internet fraud continues to increase and its negative effect on foreign investment.

“The prevalence of internet fraud is perhaps one of the most troubling issues in Nigeria today. It includes fraudulent electronic mails, identity theft, hacking, spamming and phishing, among others.

Sadly, it reduces foreign investment.  Today, foreign investors are running away; they don’t want to invest in the Nigerian economy because of the menace of internet scam. Obviously they are scared of being defrauded by Nigerians,” he said.

Akinwale, while urging the government to make job creation the highest priority, suggested a multi-approach to tackle the crime.

He said: “Government should put in place structures in the society. Nigerian youths especially the unemployed ones should be provided with jobs to reduce internet fraud.

“The Nigerian state should adopt the concept of multi-track diplomacy to tackle this menace. There should be an interconnection of activities of all concerned stakeholders to fight the menace, be it the private individuals, government, religious institutions and other organisations.”

Source: The Nation Newspaper