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31 Nigerian students travel for studies in Turkey

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Thirty-one Nigerian students have departed the country for Turkey to pursue their educational programmes through Jmatt Education Consult LTD, an educational service provider in Nigeria.

The undergraduates and postgraduates students who left Tuesday said they were happy having secured Turkish visa to study different courses. One of the students stressed that Jmatt Education Consult LTD enabled him to access a scholarship package that excluded him from paying school fees.

Speaking shortly before their departure, General Manager of Jmatt Education Consult Limited, Williams Kehinde confirmed that the students were leaving the country for different educational programmes, noting that, so far, they were processing documents for over 200 Nigerian students to go and study in Turkey.

William stressed that spending up to five years in Turkey guarantees them a permanent residence when they apply for one, provided that they are of good character.

He added: “Aside relocating to Turkey through the student package, we also have the  Property Acquisition package and the Family Relocation package where a family of four (or more) can also migrate to Turkey with as low as $2,500 per person in a family and they get their residential permit 30 days on arrival. When you stay up to 4 to 5 years, they can get their citizenship in Turkey. You can also go through buying properties. With N6 million you can get a bedroom and 10 million for 2 bedroom that is well furnished.”

Source:The Sun Nigerian Newspaper

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