How to Properly make Post in this Forum

This page will show you how to make or create a post in any forum on this website. Its very easy, just follow the details below.

To make this page short, we will just explain the things we consider might be difficult to understand. But if after going through it you still have a question, feel free to use the comment box below to ask us.

How to Make Post on this Form

Note: You must have registered on this forum and logged in before you can create a post on Allschool Forum.

If you have logged in, then you should follow the procedure below to make post.

  1. Once logged on the home page, you will see “Add Topic”, click on it.

2. Select the forum you want to post on.

3. Wait for few seconds, then enter the post title. Make the title short and detailed.

4. In the image above, you will see where we wrote number “1”. That is the place you can write or paste your content. You can bold your post, underline it, add numbers and lots more.

5. If you want to post an image, click on “Choose File” You will see many options, you can click on “downloads”.

To view your recent images, click on the three horizontal line at the right top of your browser (see image)

6. Once you select the image, and done with formatting your post to your taste, you can then click on “Add Topic” button to make your post.

How to get the Link of your Post and share with friends

Its very simple, click on the post link button see arrow in image above) and select the type of link you want to share. You can select the full or short link.

Once you click on the one you want, you will see copied. Then you can go to any social media Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc) of your choice and share with your friends.

How to Use Social Share buttons to share your Post

Check the arrow in the image above. You will see all the available social share buttons. Click on your favorite and share accordingly.

If you have any question, please use the comment box below to ask us and we will respond as soon as we can.

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