About Us

Allschool Forum is a website under Allschool (allschool.com.ng).

On Allschool, only the Admins are allowed to create a post or start a discussion. Some students contacted us and requested that they would want to create their own post. That’s how this website came about. We created Allschool Forums to allow Nigerian Students air their voices.

One big difference between Allschool Main Website and Allschool Forum is that Allschool Main Website focus only on educational contents but Allschool Forum allows students to air their voices on any topic of their choice.

If you are asking why this difference, that is because since this forum is for Nigerian Students and they are studying different courses in school, they should be allowed to air their voice on any topic of their choice.

Though this forum is literally open to all topics, adult (sex-related) contents are not allowed. You can check out the forums rules and regulations here.

If you want to start a discussion, create a post/topic or air your voice but yet to register with us, click here to register. If you have already registered on this website, then click here to login and air your voice or create a post.

We are waiting to hear from you!

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Allschool Forum Team